We don't sell twitter followers.

What We Do

This is not a website for buying 100,000 twitter followers, that all turn out to be bot-generated accounts, that get cancelled by Twitter a week after they're created.

We do something different, We get you noticed on twitter, targeting your chosen hashtag, and bringing your business to the attention of the most influential tweeters in your sector. We automatically favourite hundreds of tweets based on your hashtag every night, which triggers a notification to the author of the tweet, getting you noticed, and hopefully, gets you a new, real follower. Expect a ratio of 3 followers per 100 favourites - obviously depending on how interesting your tweets are. And it's all free until Febrary 2019

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Step 1.
Press "get started".

Yes, the first step is to let us know about you, your twitter account, the hashtags that most describe your business sector, and most importantly, some security credentials to access your account.

Step 2.
We run our bot

Our bot will favourite hundreds of tweets based on your selected hashtags every night and you pick up the new followers the following day.

Step 3.
Review and revise

If you feel your selected hashtags are too specific, and constantly favouriting a limited pool of tweets, or too generic, and falling outside your target demographic, then you can revise your selected hashtags at any time.